ICT tool

Intellectual Output 1 (IO1): Online platform for assessment of science literacy after training

IO1 consists of an online platform for the assessment of science literacy after training. This online platform is an ICT tool developed to assess, almost in real-time, the quality of science-related trainings.

The tool contains:

  • a sociodemographic questionnaire
  • a questionnaire about belief, knowledge, perception, and trust, the four topics of the project.
  • a section devoted to trust in different information sources.

The ICT tool will record all the answers of the users, which will allow a quick analysis of the responses. Teachers, researchers, lecturers, and speakers will be able to use this platform to:

  • analyse the change in knowledge, perceptions, beliefs and trust after a training session (talk, lesson, event…),
  • to assess the current state of their audience
  • for comparing samples of students or audiences.

Thus, this platform may speed up the improvement cycle of science literacy-related trainings, allowing to put in place changes in record time.

The platform will be available for free download in 6 languages (English, Spanish, German, Talian, Polish, Slovak), and it will be adjustable to the needs of educators and researchers.