The promotion of a more democratic European Union also requires the promotion of an active European citizenship capable of participating in the design of public policies. In this sense, Persist_EU is an Erasmus+ project that seeks to evaluate the knowledge, beliefs and perceptions on scientific issues of European university students. This participatory evaluation will allow understanding of how EU student opinions are formed and how we can improve their scientific knowledge in order to allow them to participate more actively in the design of public health or environmental campaigns or programs.

The main objective of the project is to develop an ICT tool to assess both the initial knowledge of European students when configuring their beliefs and perceptions on different scientific topics and their changes after their participation in the project scientific activities. In order to know the origin of the ideas and values of the students around topics of great relevance and social impact such as climate change, transgenic organisms, vaccines and alternative therapies, five student Science Camps will be organised in five countries of the EU, with 100 students, in each. The 500 students will be representatives of their respective university communities and they will participate, voluntarily, offering their time and point of view, which is of great value for the future construction of the EU.

The Science Camps of Persist_EU are taking place in five countries, Italy (Observa), Portugal (Instituto de Ciências Sociais – Universidade de Lisboa), Spain (Universitat de València), Germany (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology-KIT) and Slovakia (Trnava University). Don’t miss the opportunity to participate! Enter our partners webpages for more information about how to participate.

The project will develop the following outputs:


Standard indicators for science social appropration. Lessons learned.